Hello everyone!

You may have noticed we have been away for a while …

We did not forget about you, we just wanted to focus all our strengths on our (and also now yours!) brand new BizKaizen 2.0 platform.

This is one of the most satisfying things we have done so far as BizKaizen, because we think BizKaizen and its community deserves to have a website like BizKaizen 2.0. Check out the new design in this short clip.

For a couple of months we thought about every corner of the website and tried out all the ideas until we found the ones we liked the best. We have been thinking about everything you have told us over time and everything that could make your experience of learning one of the most pleasurable experiences of your day, we wanted you to be comfortable.

And believe us when we say, we are far from done!

As the meaning of BizKaizen expresses, we have to continuously keep improving and we are already receiving loads of feedback and great ideas directly into our inbox.

After preparing for the launch, we were having a meeting and talking about the final touches of the new platform and someone at the table said:

“Do you know what would be a great idea to give as a gift to all our members and surprise them even more with the launch? If we finished the WHOLE course of Write Your Book in 28 days and we gave it with the launch too!”

So we all looked at each other and… well, of course we did it! We love you and always want to give you what you ask us for.

And now the blog!

Well yes, we wanted to offer the best value and at the same time a safe place where we can interact with each other, share our thoughts on a subject, on a idea, or to get a new inspiring side on a topic.

We cannot wait to hear from you! What would you like us to write about? Leave us a comment below. 

See you next blog!

The BizKaizen Team.

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