Perhaps as an entrepreneur you also have the tendency to want to think about everything yourself and want to do everything yourself. After all, who would do it better than you?

However, this means a lot of responsibility, a lot of work and a lot of worry ,but you’re not the only one…

Let us help you out here: It is not necessary to think and do everything yourself.

Today we’d like to talk about the concept of opportunity costs, and why it is costing you hundreds, if not thousands of euros as year if you’re still doing everything yourself.

People around you have knowledge and experiences that you don’t have that they want to share with you.

For example, take the question: ‘How do I become successful?’

You can spend a really long time trying to figure this out for yourself, but basically you’d be reinventing the wheel time and time again. Other people have become successful before you, so there must be a way for them to share that information with you.

The best advice Nisandeh has ever received in response to the question of success came from an old and very successful mentor, and here it is for you:

“If you’re not successful at something, it’s because you don’t know something (yet)”.

Here’s how to put this advice into practice: start looking for knowledge and information about those areas where you are not yet successful. Then apply what you have learned, see if it works for you, and start the whole cycle again.

With this advice Nisandeh has successfully run several businesses, has been financially free for a number of years, and has climbed the highest mountains in the world!

What is the best advice you’ve ever received about success?

Please share your advice in the comments below …

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