Think back for a moment to that very first time you thought about opening your own business. Maybe it was something you had dreamt about since you were small, maybe you just realised one day that you needed to run your own place, maybe it was a slow and deliberate process. Every business starts differently, but they all have one thing in common. They’re here for a reason.

When you started your business why did you do it?

When we ask this question to a room full of people, the answers usually fall into one of four categories:

  1. Money
  2. Independence
  3. Fulfilment
  4. Contribution

Watch it happen live in this video:

Now that you know that you need goals in each of these four categories, you will also need to know how to do that. A big goal like ‘more free time’ will need to be made more tangible and more manageable.

The most important step to reaching your goals is formulating them – in the right way.

We want to talk about the ‘right way’ to formulate your goals and we want to invite you to formulate them and share them openly, which will give another impulse to the process of reaching your goals.

You should realise that when you write down your list of goals to reach, you define the direction of your future.

So …

  1. Start with the question: “What am I ready to have?”
  2. Don’t be limited in what you are ready to have by what you think is possible. This will require some practice because we were taught to censure our creativity and dreams and to limit our vision to ‘realistic results’.

  3. Don’t let what you are ready to have be limited by the way you will get it, or the process.
  4. Focussing on the process, on how you’re going to get there, too early kills your creativity and limits the possibilities to reaching your goals.

  5. Mention the complete result.
  6. When you choose a goal, write down all aspects of it (the complete picture), including the circumstances and possible consequences when you reach your goals.

  7. Ask yourself the question “If I could have it, would I take it?” (and be sure)
  8. If the answer is “no” choose a different goal.

This process may seem like a jump into the unknown for some people, but after this moment of insecurity you will also experience the energy and lightness that come from the conscious choice to create your own future. Think about what results you are ready to have and add them to the list of goals that you want to reach, until you have seven of them.
The goals should meet these requirements:

  1. Mention yourself and be specific.
    • For example: “I am making xx euros per month/year”.
  2. Formulate your goal in the present tense.
      For example: “I have a new car” (tomorrow doesn’t exist).

  3. Formulate your goal in a positive way.
    • For example: “I am thin” – instead of: “I am no longer fat”.
  4. Mention the end result and not the process that will lead to the result.
    • For example: “I live in a castle in Scotland” – instead of: “I earn 5 million to buy a castle in Scotland”.

Read your list of goals every day and edit the list when you reach your goals.

A very important tip: communicate with others about your goals. Use the exact same words you did when you wrote them down.

What are your seven goals? Share them in the comment box below!

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