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What is BizKaizen?

 Bizkaizen is and education platform that helps entrepreneurs double their income and free time through a simple phase-by-phase success roadmap and actionable in-depth courses.

2-min highlights of the live premiere presentation of BizKaizen.

The 6 questions to find out if you belong here

Are you tired of googling solutions?

You’re confused and overloaded with information. You want less information, more relevant and easily accessible. 

Problems focusing and enjoying free time?

You have knowledge and skills. You are only looking for support and focus on getting things done and implementing for good.

Do you want to be an example for others?

You want to be part of a tribe of people who help each other overcome challenges and inspire friends and family to fulfill their potential

Do you have a great product but few clients?

You have a great product but few clients. You want proven strategies and understanding of the patterns behind business success.

Do you want to talk business like a real pro?

You know that even elite athletes have coaches and they rely on them to get better every day. You want a business coach, 24/7, anywhere.

Do you believe you can make a better world?

You are energetic and love how entrepreneurship can change the world. You want to become successful and have fun on your way there. 

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These 3 things will make you build a business you’re proud of

Access 24/7 from anywhere to content and features, as long as you stay.

Once you get access to the platform you can enjoy the programs at your own pace, available 24/7.

Also, you can watch and replay from any device, as we are making the platform responsive for mobile devices and tablets.

The platform is ready but the improvements never stop. You’ll get notified when new features are released and all future enhancements come without extra costs.

100H+ of in-depth actionable business courses to help you double your income, your free time and become financially free.

The following courses will be included in the platform

Write your book
Master Entrepreneur
Creating Passive Income
Financial Freedom
Implementation Ninja
Master Of Influence
Ultimate business Machine
Remarkable Product
Crowdfunding Marketing
Business Blogging
The Expert Business Model
Joint Venture Secrets
Video Marketing
Enlightened Millionaire
Brian Tracy – Business Mastery
Rich Schefren – Strategic Marketing
Tom Beal – Simplify Life
Business Bootcamp
Business Growth Acceleration
Nisandeh Unplugged
Financial IQ
Social Media Secrets
Double Your Income
Business Networking
Zen Stories
Business Boost in 60min
Referral Systems
Secret Success Formula

Please note that the content will be added in regular weekly releases.

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A smart platform that tells you exactly where to start and where to go next

Biz Kaizen platform is being developed as a SMART SYSTEM that learns about you and your business and adjusts its program recommendation to your needs and wants, becoming more and more accurate and USER-FRIENDLY, the more information you put in.

Soon, Biz Kaizen is going to become your personal business trainer, accelerating your business and personal growth while keeping you focused and saving you precious time.

And these 3 amazing benefits will make you happier, wealthier and smarter

Help entrepreneurs across the world with the built-in sponsorship

We are giving away another account to an underprivileged entrepreneur in a developing country (i.e. Get an account = Give an account) so that those guys in Africa or Asia can get access to top business education, just like you. This is your chance to actually MAKE an impact in the world instead of just TALKING about it!…:-) We are going to collaborate with organizations like Virgin Unite (R. Branson) with whom we already worked in the past with our foundation.

Anything unclear?  Ask us anything in the message box below

Earn passive income with our referral system that grants your friends the best deal.

You get your unique friend link to share with your network. This unique link guarantees that we count EVERY person that joins Biz Kaizen through you and for every new person you are entitled to a 25% SHARE of the revenues. And when you hit the threshold of 1,000 friends joining the platform you double to 50% SHARE. Once we open the monthly payment option, this will mean RECURRING PASSIVE INCOME FOR YOU as long as your friends stay.

Anything unclear?  Ask us anything in the box below.

Get a personal 10X business checkup to boost your business right off the bat

You get a very powerful process from the 25K€-worth 10X Mentoring Program which will be repurposed into a personal business assessment. This process will give your business the boost it needs to take off.

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5-STARS *****
Reviews on BizKaizen

Our answers to your most important questions

Time is most valuable resource an entrepreneur has and using it wisely is a key factor for sustained success. Here’s our strategy:

  • We are developing a smart platform, which learns what you need, what you want, what you like better and proposes the best pieces of education tailored to your specific situation.
  • We know that you can watch videos during some breaks among other things so we set the duration of every single video to maximum 20-30 minutes.
  • We realize that seeing too many courses is overwhelming so we decided to schedule the content release in weekly updates of 3-5 videos.

The goal is to make this platform convenient and tailored to you, with enough content (but not too much) and with actionable 20min videos you can watch anytime.

In other words, you won’t have to block an entire weekend away from distractions in order to enjoy our content. 

This is part of our near future focus, to help you implement and make the most out of the content.
One of our goals is to create educational paths / curricula based on your specific situation, so that you know what it takes to go from stage A (e.g. starting my new blog) to stage B (my weekly blog is regularly generating leads)

The energy and the excitement of the live events of Open Circles are certainly unbeatable, but on the other hand, the online tribe is an immense resource and it will soon reach further than the Netherlands.

How many people can you talk to in a live event? 10, 20, 50 maybe? Online you can reach hundreds of members instantly.

We are developing new features of the platform such as instant messaging between members. Of course, there is a closed Facebook group where to share lessons learned and ask for help.

We are developing new features every day and we are listening to your feedback very actively.

Talking about content only, in the future we are aiming to find the perfect balance between your active search (e.g. “I want to watch this course, or this lesson”) with an automatic guided recommendation of the best content for you.

We believe the sweet spot lies somewhere in between there.

Our first goal is to hit the threshold of 1,000 lifetime members. Once we reach that number we can start talking to important JV partners like Virgin Unite (R. Branson’s foundation), with whom we already partnered up in the past during one of our crowdfunding projects.

We realize the importance of real connectedness and real stories, not just a distant sponsorship program so our goal is to expose those stories and create meaningful supporting connections among this part of the world and the other.

More on this soon.

The referral earnings are automatically calculated by the system. 

We are developing a better profile page where you’ll be able to see your due payout and not just the number of friends registered. We are still investigating a few details about taxation but you should expect to receive a monthly recurring payout to your bank account / PayPal based on the number of friends who got into the platform thanks to you. 

In order to minimize transaction costs, the payout transaction will only take place once your cumulated bonus exceeds €100,-

Have you actually taken ALL the courses? And more importantly, can you remember ALL the lessons from the live events you attended? Do you still have a workbook with your notes somewhere?

What would it be like if you could look up any answer you need anytime? For instance: all the different ways you can become financially free or, the best ways to choose a topic for your book, always just one-click away from you?

Also, every time you listen to the material you get hit by something totally new as your situation evolves and is no longer what it used to be back then.

You can compare this to reading the same book twice in two different stages of your life.

We realize the importance of supporting the implementation and not just providing high-quality education. This very factor is where many education companies fall short.

We are now all about the launch but soon enough we will switch gears and focus on the delivery of downloadable templates, checklists that go along with the content so that you can focus on what can truly make a difference for your business.

Of course. There is a closed group for members only called “Bizkaizen Masterminds” where you can ask, reply, share inspiration and increase the value of the BizKaizen experience.

The content is scheduled to be released in convenient bite-sized weekly updates.

We are thinking of 3-5max 20min videos per week.

We are following the order of the most requested courses (e.g. Write your Book, Master Entrepreneur) but if you have some specific wish, please feel free to let us know.

Yes, the education we offer is really transformative and top notch. The main reason is that our education does not focus on short terms business tactics that are in vogue for a few months or as long as the big player change their rules (e.g. SEO).

Our education is designed to focus on solid principles and to derive the timeless lessons that apply in business today, tomorrow and for years to come.

In case we notice some of the content is not relevant any longer, we will remove it and refresh it with new content from other complementary sources (e.g. other partner experts)

Nisandeh is the main expert on the platform today but there are courses from Brian Tracy, Tom Beal, Rich Schefren and soon from Jay Abraham.

Our strategy is to use Nisandeh’s great connections to pull plenty of additional great content. Also, we want to take the time to curate and carefully pick the future content in a way that is complementary – and not overlapping – with the content we already provide.  

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Not sure if the tribe will actually help you out?

See this recent case: 1 person asks, 7 people answer.

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Join a supportive dialogue and share your lessons learned

A personal message from Nisandeh Neta


I want you and your friends to participate in launching our vision and this is why I am making a no-brainer offer for you.”

Join us and make a real impact in the world

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