A long long time ago – more than 25 years to be exact – Nisandeh found out how creating remarkable products and services works.

He developed a few of the first computer games for adults (in 1986), the primitive version of what we now know as the iPad (in 1990) and many other products and services.

Some of these ideas were implemented and generated millions of dollars.

In the business bootcamp we introduce the importance of creating your own remarkable products, and in the master entrepreneur training there’s a whole workshop totally dedicated to developing your first remarkable product (we shared some tips about this last week).

What we want to make clear in this article, however, is something that most entrepreneurs don’t realise … that developing remarkable products is a skill.

A skill that you can learn and develop.

A rare and lucrative skill – that will serve you THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Let’s start by looking at what a remarkable product really is.

A remarkable product has the WOW factor.

Something that makes people stop and look again. And then tell all their friends about it.

Did you know that there is no shortage of remarkable ideas, also in your business. What is missing is the willingness to implement them.

To succeed in developing a remarkable product, you need to focus on a small niche and make it remarkable only for them, like the dinosaur bed, the motor tyres and the floor-wax-shoes.

You also need to focus on solving a problem – like the pizza cutter, the 3D socket and the bookshelves under the stairs.

To find opportunities … look at problems you can solve.

They don’t have to huge, they can be annoyances … BUT …

The bigger the problem – the easier it is to sell your solution.

Look for what’s ‘in your way’ in different area’s of your life.

Most of our trainings are trainings we were looking for and couldn’t find. So we made them ourselves … and now we’re helping thousands of people to solve similar problems…

In the meantime we’ve become curious.

Do you have examples of products with the wow-factor (like the iPhone, Volkswagen Kever, Harley Davidson … ) and why do you find them remarkable? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Marianne Meuleman September 19, 2017 at 7:29 am Reply

    NATURE, but that’s not a product (or is it?? haha) Big wow-factor every day.

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