In the last 20 years that we have been working with entrepreneurs, there has always been one question that has been asked more than any other:

How do I get more assignments and generate more clients?

So Nisandeh set himself the task of generating more than 50 ideas in less than one hour. This became a long list of ideas, with things varying in implementation time from 10 minutes to 10 days.

We are sure you’ll find some ideas you hadn’t thought of yet.

We’ve decided to spread these over 2 blog posts, so that you can pick a few and have time to implement before more are coming your way.

So let’s not waste any time, here are the first 27 ideas:

  1. Advertise in the local paper
  2. Advertise in a niche magazine or industry publication
  3. Advertise a free first consultation/coaching session
  4. Think out how you can improve the results of a company and call them with your pitch
  5. Start a blog and promote it
  6. Offer to give a seminar at a local club
  7. Offer to speak at business networking events
  8. Offer a handbook about a certain subject on others’ websites
  9. Offer something for free in exchange for referrals
  10. Give out pens with your company name on it at events
  11. Organise a stunt that is good for your publicity (think about Richard Branson)
  12. Do your promotion together with other companies (cross-promotion)
  13. Enter competitions or ‘awards’ nominations in your field and WIN
  14. Enter a trade show
  15. Do pro-bono work for good causes that are related to your field
  16. Do SEO for your website and create more visitors via Google
  17. Go to events in your field – conferences, association meetings, seminars, etc. to network
  18. Use your email signature as a marketing tool
  19. Give something away for free
  20. Make sure to keep in contact with colleagues who have an additional product or service to yours and give each other work
  21. Let old and new clients know when you’ve finished an important project
  22. Let old and new clients know when you launch a new product or service
  23. Get into contact with companies larger than you who can pass along projects that they can’t or won’t do
  24. Make an overview of the local businesses and get to know the owners who might benefit from your product or services
  25. Make and practice an ‘elevator pitch’ about WHO you’re helping and how (your product or service)
  26. Register at your local trade union and participate in their events
  27. Contact your local internet provider or publisher and offer them commission to pass you work

That’s 27 ideas for you to get started with! Look out next week for the other 28!

In the meantime, leave a comment below if you have any ideas yourself and don’t forget to find inspiration in the ideas that others have posted!

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